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To help communities complete the AFH, HUD has created maps and data tables that help determine where residents face barriers to housing choice and economic opportunity. Access HUD maps and tables https://www.hudexchange.info/resource/4867/affh-data-and-mapping-tool/.

We prepared this document to help residents interpret the HUD data and maps.

Source of Data

The primary sources of the data in the HUD tables and maps are the U.S. Census (10 year and annual American Community Survey), HUD customized models for opportunity indicators, and Public Housing Authority reports.

Additional Data

The AI will also incorporate local data, updated ACS and Census data, real estate market data, and other relevant data sources related to fair housing and community development in the region. We are working with a number of local partners to collect that data. If you have data you would like to see incorporated into the study, please email Heidi Aggeler at aggeler@bbcresearch.com or call her at 303-321-2547 x256.