• April 2018

    Fair Housing Summit and Regional AI Kick off

    The Regional AI will be the focus of two sessions in the 2018 Fair Housing Summit, http://www.austinfairhousingsummit.com. These sessions will discuss the study approach, history of the AFFH obligation, research about the benefits of housing stability, and best practices in AI/AFH research and community engagement. April 9 – June 30, 2018. Resident Survey Available. This survey will capture housing needs, preferences, and concerns of Travis County and Williamson County residents, including the experience of displacement and housing discrimination. You can access the survey in six languages here. May – July 2018. Stakeholder Focus Groups and Community Meetings Conversations about policies related to housing and community development, fair housing, education, transportation, and equity will occur through focus groups and in a community meeting. If you are interested in attending, complete the interest box on the Get Involved page.

  • April - July 2018

    Demographic, Segregation/Integration & Housing Analysis

    Analysis of segregation and integration patterns; housing opportunities by location and access to opportunity.

  • June-August 2018

    Disability and Access Analysis

    Assessment of the extent to which persons with disabilities live in integrated settings and how well housing providers and communities accommodate persons with disabilities.

  • June - August 2018

    Access to Opportunity Analysis

    Analysis of how well residents can access educational, economic, employment, and transportation opportunities and environmentally healthy communities.

  • July-August 2018

    Private and Public Sector Barriers Analysis

    Examination of private sector barriers (lending, rental requirements) restrict housing access and how well public sector housing programs facilitate housing opportunity.

  • August-October 2018

    Identification of Barriers and Development of Fair Housing Goals

    Identification of barriers to housing choice, including mobility barriers, displacement, gentrification, segregation, and disparities in access to opportunity. Development of strategies to address barriers that are specific, meaningful, time bound, and express the participating partners’ commitment to AFFH.

  • March - April 2019

    Draft AI available for Public Comment

  • Spring 2019

    Finalization of AI and Submittal to HUD

    City of Austin | Pflugerville | Round Rock | Travis County | Williamson County | Housing Authority of the City of Austin | Georgetown Housing Authority | Round Rock Housing Authority | Taylor Housing Authority | Housing Authority of Travis County